Note: the lists below are incomplete. If you are a former member of our group and would like to be added to the alumni section, please contact us.

Former Doctoral Students

NameGraduation YearThesis TitleContact Information
Thomas Kriese2016Untersuchungen an Eisen- und Lanthanoidhaltigen Koordinationscluster mit
Triazolat- sowie Semiquinonatliganden
Martin Schlageter2015Click Chemistry Modification of Surface-Bound Peptides towards printable Electronics
Zeeshan Majeed2012Employing crystal engineering principles to fabricate zero to three-dimensional 4f-based metal aggregates using O-donor ligands
Frederik Klöwer2009Diethanolaminliganden in der Synthese von 3d und 3d/4f molekularen Magneten

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

NameMember fromResearch InterestsContact Information
Dr. Thomas Biet07/2013 to 2015
Dr. George Kostakis12/2007 to 05/2011Kostakis Lab Homepage

Former Visitors

NameTime of VisitVisitor FromActivitiesContact Information
Oliver Thomas09/2015 to 11/2015Steve Swearer Laboratory Group, University of Melbourne, AustraliaMarine Biology, Mineralization
Zhao-Sha Meng (孟昭莎)08/2011 to 04/2013Ming-Liang Tong Group, Sun Yat-Sen University, ChinaComplex Synthesis, Magnetochemistry

Former Staff Members

NameTimePositionContact Information
Tobias Lampert2013 to 2014Technical Manager
Rolf Lehmann1999 to 2014Technical Manager